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Ninel Grönholm

Ninel Grönholm is a singer, dancer and a MC. As a little child she saw the St. Petersburg´s Marinsk Theater ballet and was completely amazed. The rhythm has always been important for her, especially the ”black rhythm” style in tap dance. When she was six years old, she saw the St. Petersburg famous Marinsk Theater ballet. She was completely amazed by ballet and after that she danced all days. Her brother played from his record collection old blues and as well Pekka Streng´s recordings. 

The forth coming years made her agile react to both big and small audiences. At the age of 19 in the year of 1981 she was the MC to Markku Arokanto at a concert in Kaivopuisto in Helsinki. She had to continue talking for seemingly endless period when the helicopter couldn´t land. And in the front row was a denim jacketed young boy, who was amazed by the speaker and her flowing red hair. The boy became later Matilda Mother bands guitar player. 

In the Matilda Mother band, she also put together the pitch and pieces that Tomi Christiansson has made. She also plays percussion instruments such like buckets, saucepans or boiler covers. She has also continued to play the guitar at the age of 55.