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Tomi Christiansson

Tomi Christiansson is a self-learned guitar player and a composer. His main instrument is the electric guitar. He feels that rhythm and microtonality are the most important things in guitar playing. When he was a child, he heard Peer Günt´s the dance of Mountain kings and danced like a dervish, when he was alone at home. Music is nothing, if the listeners hips doesn´t swing, he says.

His first band was so called Bucket band. The drums were things found in kitchen and lavatory. He learned to play by ear with records. He sat beside on the bed, wondering what on ever does Coltrane plays on his saxophone or Duane Allman with his slide guitar. Microtonality is his basic element in music. Blues, Jazz, and Folk and church intervals helped him find all those upper notes.

In various ensembles he has often acted as a Primus motor. In Matilda Mother band he made a new breakthrough: writing lyrics in Finnish.